Technologia Polytech 3E

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Polytech 3E
Polytech 3E is a progressive technology for fabrication of light prefabricated walls WLS (Wall Light Solid) from ceramic composite Siopor, Liapor and smectite. By using natural materials, we protect not only the environment but especially the health of people who benefit from living and working in spaces built using Polytech 3E technology. Liapor and Siopor are raw materials that guarantee these advantages. Homogeneous walls WLS have excellent thermal insulation properties that meet the low-energy criteria. Houses built using this technology are also inexpensive. Distributions, statics, coupling structure, thermal insulation structures, façade and interior construction systems are part of the walls.



Advantages of Polytech 3E Technology
Advanced wall
Comparison of technical and qualitative variables
with competing construction systems

Source: Silicate Universities in Kiev and Vienna
Construction system - description
Factory in Lucenec - scheme
Download the scheme in a pdf format download
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