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Assembled Ceramic Houses

Assembled ceramic houses are made of vertical structures made entirely from natural materials. The technology is well known in Western Europe (Germany, Austria), where it has achieved an excellent response from customers and came to the forefront in building not only family houses,
but also residential buildings, administrative, or social. It is using lightweight ceramic constructions which are fabricated as all-wall
modular walls according to the requirements of designers and clients.
All installations are already a part of the walls and the final interior
finishes can be realized by just adding a top-layer paint.

Advantages of light-weight ceramic structures

Compare basic, turn-key exterior and turn-key home download
Popularity of assembled houses

Prefabricated houses are very popular in North America, up to almost 80%. In Europe, about 50% new buildings are prefabricated. Prefabricated houses have, compared to houses built in the classic way, many advantages.

The new generation of prefabricated houses made from ceramic materials is already well ahead of the classical method of brick construction, particularly in the following terms:

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